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Casey Gordon


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Awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion

As teens, Sunny, Parker, and Zeke made bets on everything from who could hit a ball the farthest to who could make the biggest splash in the pool. But now that they have graduated from high school, everything is about to change.

Sunny is completely in love with Zeke, not that she'd ever admit it. Parker has devised a crazy scheme to get the girl of his dreams before he leaves for college. And Zeke…well, Zeke is keeping a secret that could tear his family apart.

Before they go their separate ways, there’s time for one last bet. With 10 clues and $10,000 on the line, Parker leads their entire graduated class through an epic summer adventure.

This bet will be the biggest one yet.

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Behind the Author

Welcome to the official website of Casey Gordon.

Writing has always been a passion for Casey. Her debut novel, Bet, launched in summer of 2022. She's currently working on a number of other writing projects.

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"A book is a dream that you hold in your hands"

Neil Gaiman

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